Titto Bluni is a Spanish beauty brand proud of its over 60 year tradition, with firm international position. Perfumes are an extension to the collection. They give an opportunity to choose the right fragrance for each occasion.

ASCO is the exclusive distributor for Titto Bluni in Poland. We offer fragrances for women and men. The whole range of products is available only in Hebe stores.


Titto Bluni Acqua

The Acqua line is inspired by an escape to a secluded island. It evokes memories of happy summer days and incompatible feeling of tranquility: moments spent on the seaside, walking on a beach along the crystal clear blue water. These fragrances combine lightness with elegance.

Titto Bluni Assoluto

Turning dreams into reality which could be shared is a part of Titto Bluni lifestyle. The Assoluto line combines the essence of everything that is unique into two clearly defined fragrances, dedicated for women and men who want to share their dreams with the world. Fragrances which complement and underline personal style of the client.