A Spanish brand inspired by the Greek goddess of victory, impersonating strength, speed and energy. They launched its first perfume line in 1929. Since then a wide range of fragrances has reached the world markets. Variety of refreshing fragrances draws attention of modern women and men. The wide range gives you possibility of finding your favorite fragrance available in the form of edt or deodorant.

Nike fragrances can be found in Rossmann, Drogerie Natura and Hebe stores. Our products are sold also in Auchan, Carrefour, Tesco stores all around Poland and in selected E.Leclerc stores.


Nike Ultracolors

The latest Nike proposal for women and men. The fragrances are inspired by the most intense colors so that the deepest emotions are evoked.

Nike Urban Soul

Each city has its own soul. It was the urban rhythm that was an inspiration for the Urban Soul line. Everybody can find a fragrance for himself among 3 female and 3 male proposals.

Nike The Perfume

Creation of perfumes is a unique art. Nike The Perfume line is an exquisite symphony of fragrances, created for those most demanding clients.

Nike The Perfume Intense

This is an extraordinary line of fragrances for women and men created after the success of The Perfume range. They redefine the flowery note and give a touch of uniqueness in a perfectly designed bottle.

Nike Up or Down

Up Or Down fragrances are the classic proposal from Nike. They’ve been with us from the beginning, changing on the outside but remaining the same energetic selves inside the bottles.

Nike Colors

We all like colors. They influence our mood, our feelings and our emotions. Bright colors usually make us feel better, while shades of blue bring serenity and peace. So pick the Nike Color of your own and enjoy it to the full.

Nike Colors Premium

The collection of Nike Colors Premium Edition will make your nights truly unforgettable. The night makes everything look different and shows colors in a much deeper shade. It’s about new feelings and new emotions.