Intesa brand was created in Italy in the ‘90s of the XX century , in times when there were only a few beauty products for men available on the market. Intesa was the answer to the needs of dynamic and self-caring men, introducing a full line of body and face care products. Today we offer a variety of products for different skin types, such as shaving foams and a/s, deodorants and shower gels.

Full selection of products is available in Douglas stores and in Aelia Duty Free stores at the biggest airports in Poland.


Intesa Classic

A full range of cosmetics for men, containing ginseng and avocado extracts as well as other beneficial ingredients.

Intesa Vitacell

Cosmetics for demanding men who require the best for everyday hygiene and body care. Dedicated for delicate and sensitive skin.

Intesa Energy Power

A cosmetic line for men dedicated for everyday body care. New energy is now the key to well being.